When you own a rental property, you need to ensure that you keep as many bugs at bay as possible. Having bugs enter your home will not just interfere with the life of your tenant, however likewise yourself. There are numerous ways in which you can pest proof your home, and a number of them are very economical.


The last thing you require in your rental unit is rats. They can be a menace to your tenants, in addition to giving you a tough time when it comes to making repair services. You need to ensure that you regularly examine the structure of the home, making sure that bugs cannot get in. This can include checking the skirting board for mouse holes. If you do discover the presence of this kind of bug, then it is best to call a pest control operator. However, you must ensure that holes are boarded up as quickly as possible, in case the insect has re-located to another home. This will avoid more bugs from arriving, receiving the property.


Bugs can be a hazard to your house. Animals such as woodlouse and other cockroaches can bury into your wood. This can cause more problems such as woodworm. In the event of this, you might have to change your whole floor boards and other damaged locations to prevent them from spreading. One method to avoid this from taking place is to regularly examine the condition of your wood. Critters enjoy soft, decomposing wood so if you see that the wood within your home is damaging, it may be time to change it. This process is reasonably simple and inexpensive. You might always place a re-enforced piece of wood on top of the damaged layer if replacement is unwise for the building. This will avoid the animals from reaching the damaged wood, as they cannot penetrate the leading layer.


Prevention is the first action to keeping a bug totally free home. You can abolish 2 of these by merely ensuring that your renters keep the property clean, with regular checks by your pest control team.