Buying a property in Detroit a few years ago seemed like a steal for overseas investors – as little as a few thousand dollars would get them a house in a city that had hit rock bottom and could only see better times.

Yet the promise turned into a nightmare for many and stories of properties vandalized, ransacked, left untended and un-rentable have sapped the interest from overseas buyers, real estate brokers say.

Lid Blown Off Property Sale Racket in KHB, 3 Officials Suspended

In a shocking case of fence eating the crop, a racket in the illegal sale of Karnataka Housing Board (KHB) properties in the city has come to light.

The alleged culprits working in key positions within the KHB office of Yelahanka division have allegedly executed illegal sale deeds for properties worth hundreds of crores of rupees and cheated many original KHB site allottees. The irregularities were exposed during a recent surprise visit of KHB chairman Nanjayanamutt to the office following an agitation by social activist K S Chandrashekar Azad against the alleged irregularities.

Five reasons the only smart reaction to a housing crash is fear

I REMEMBER the first time I went on a rollercoaster, at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. Beforehand I was petrified, but the long, slow ride up the first steep hill was calming.
At the top, I admired the view. “You can see the ocean from here!” I said. I wasn’t paying attention to the huge drop that was about to happen.

Meeting Increasing Demand For Ultra-end Luxury Homes In Property Market

The housing market might be down but that certainly is not stopping politicians, corporate titans, hedge funds managers, oil magnates , entertainment icons, the super rich and choosy from paying high prices for lavish real estate in the planet.

Experts have said that for the ultra luxury market in Nigeria to take a hit, there would have to be serious financial woes that would go a lot deeper than what is currently being experienced because the rich is getting richer in the country.

Property owner battles demand to repaint her red-and-white striped multi-million-pound Kensington townhouse which infuriated her super-rich neighbours.

A property owner whose red and white striped London townhouse caused a row is trying to overturn a demand to repaint it.

Zipporah Lisle-Mainwaring, 67, has denied painting the multi-million pound property to ‘get her own back’ on neighbours in west London.

The stripes were added in March after her planning application was rejected and Ms Lisle-Mainwaring is appealing a planning demand to paint over the lines by her local council.